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Monokerom was established in 2016 with a belief that fashion should be uncomplicated and intricately designed. Taking inspiration from different forms of art and culture, the brand strives to innovate and curate attainable daily essentials for the modern women and men. By producing pieces that exude versatility, and are unfettered by trends, Monokerom hopes to create the classics of tomorrow.

At Monokerom, we believe in mindful and careful consumption. By creating and producing seasonless and chameleon-like pieces that transcend time and place, we strive to make people connect with our clothes, and forsake the excessive and disposable view of clothing that exists in our world today. 


With minimalism, practicality, and comfort as the forefront of our philosophy, we aim to help people all around to curate a well-thought and efficient wardrobe that allows them to be the most creative, the most confident, and the best version of themselves. 

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